60th Anniversary Frecce Tricolori - Abum III - Legend Formation

And here is the third album dedicated to the Rivolto event for the 60th anniversary of our PAN. This album is dedicated to the Legend Formation. In a single shot 9 airplanes representing the past, present and future of Italian Air Force training. Any pilot of yesterday and today and tomorrow has passed or will pass on one of the airplanes of this formation. And so the Leader on SIAI 208 belonging to the 60 ° Stormo of Guidonia, the two beautiful 326K and 326E of Volafenice, the G46 of Sorlini, the SF260 of the 70 ° Stormo of Latina, the T-6 Texan of Sandro Pagliarin and to close an MB339A, MB339CD and T-346A of the 60 ° Stormo di Lecce Galatina.