60th Anniversary Frecce Tricolori - Abum IV - AMI Airshow

And here we are at the penultimate Album dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori. The display of our Italian Air Force
In addition to the masterful presentation in flight by the Experimental Flight Department of Pratica di Mare, the 'composite' event has a strong scenic effect, aimed at simulating an operational scenario with the aim of demonstrating in 22 minutes the air and ground capabilities of the Air Force. The first phase of the show simulated the exfiltration of personnel in an airport with C130J and KC767, drawing inspiration from the recent activities carried out in the Afghan operating theater, while the second or composite scenario, simulated the exfiltration of injured personnel, by the Special forces.
An F-35A simulated a Suppression Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) attack, using its own
“Stealth” capability (low radar visibility) to attack and destroy an air defense system
enemy. This delicate action cleared the field for Tornado IDS, AMX, and Eurofighter fighter-bombers who followed one another in simulated attacks at the airport, in waves 30 "away, at an altitude of about 100m, defending the two EH101As with Special Forces units of AMI.